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About Us

"The work of the teacher is that of a guide" - Maria Montessori

Carmen Arenas

Universidad Educares, Santiago-Chile
Early Childhood Education, 1987
Washington Montessori Institute, AMI Primary Diploma 1994
Head of School/Primary classroom Directress

Carmen taught at the Montessori School of Oakton for 9 years before opening her school in the South Riding area. All three of her boys attended a Montessori school for their primary and elementary years and she credits their leadership skills and independence to those early years! Carmen’s dedication to the Montessori philosophy is shown daily in the classroom. Carmen has opened MSSR doors to children in the autism spectrum with high aspirations that by having an inclusion model program at MSSR, other Montessori schools will do the same.

Gloria Monge

Loyola College, Liberal Arts, 1990
University of New Mexico, Masters of Special Education,1997
AMS Primary Diploma Northeastern Montessori Institute, 2006
Primary classroom Assistant

Señora Gloria has been at MSSR since its opening in 2003. She was one of the first families that enrolled her children in our school as a parent and Yoga teacher. Having taught children in high school, then middle, then elementary she understands the importance of early childhood education. She loved the program and philosophy so much that she decided to take the AMS training. She joined our school in 2008. Gloria loves to sing, dance and play with her children.

Fabiola Cáceres

University Femenina, Lima-Peru 1987
Special Education background
Primary classroom assistant

Fabiola has been at MSSR since 2003. She brings with her a beautiful Spanish language that she speaks to the children at all times. She loves to cook with the children. "Cocinando con Miss Fabiola" is a favorite activity for all children, where she introduces them to many different cultures around the world. She is the mother of two daughters and her favorite activities are cooking and dancing!