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As a parent, I believe one of the most important gifts we can give our children is that of a quality education.  I had been looking for the perfect place for my daughter that would provide her with a loving and safe environment with which to build her social skills, self esteem and ultimately the foundations for academics.  I searched high and wide and in MSSR I found all of this and more.  The transformation in my daughter in a very short period of time was remarkable.  She loved the quiet of the classroom as it allowed her to think and focus. She developed close relationships with her classmates and her teachers, and had fun going to school every day. The Montessori method that Carmen uses so skillfully allowed my child to blossom and develop in a natural and intuitive way.  And most importantly, the love, kindness and individual attention that Carmen and her staff show to all the students is something I have not seen in another preschool.  I am so glad to have been able to give my child the gift of MSSR.

Maryanne Roy

My daughter Lindsay is the 4th child and the first girl in our family.  She is very strong willed, determined and quite frankly, a bit spoiled.  I was in search of an environment that would provide structure,  keep her busy mind stimulated and allow her to be the strong, creative and independent being that she is.  In addition to Lindsay wowing me on a daily basis with all that she was absorbing at MSSR, she was so well nurtured, that it allowed her to learn in a way that I did know was possible at such a young age.  The thing that I really appreciated the most was that her teachers truly understood Lindsay, how her mind worked and how she would thrive the most.    Sending my daughter to MSSR was a gift.  I believe the foundation for success has been set and what she has learned and the confidence she has been given will help her tremendously in her elementary school years and beyond.

Kelly Young

I cannot believe the growth, maturity, and knowledge that I have seen from Reagan since he began with you all at MSSR.  I actually almost cry when I realize how this has changed his life.  He really has made leaps and bounds maturity wise.  He loves you all so dearly and I could not be happier with how wonderful this experience is for him.  I just wanted to tell you all how much you mean to me.  I think Gloria may have thought I was nuts at Tuesday class when I thanked her for loving Reagan, but I really mean it.  You all treat all the children at MSSR like they are your own and especially to a working mom you have made all the difference in the world to me by making this happen for Reagan and my family.  You have another future student in Declan.

Danielle Clay

Our daughter, Holly, attended MSSR for two and a half years from the ages of 3 to 6. The decision to join the school in February was one of the best decisions we ever made.  She was so ready and the transition coming in mid-year was effortless.  She was welcomed with loving arms and the children were thrilled to have her.  We had such a positive experience while attending the school. Her development grew leaps and bounds due to their wonderfully designed certified program.  ALL the teachers at MSSR truly care for the children and provide a nurturing environment that it filled with love.  This school became one of a larger extended family for us.  Holly met her closest and dearest friends at MSSR and continues to see them even as they are all in different school systems.  MSSR is a home away from home with a structured program and lessons that teach every child very important life skills.  Our daughter's reading and organizational skills wouldn't be what they are today if she did not attend MSSR.  Holly and our family feel very honored to be involved in such a special school. It is truly a blessing to be a part of and to see the children grow in such a positive, loving and nurturing environment.  It is a time in our lives we will always remember!

Amy Work

It was very challenging for us to find a preschool that was perfect for our daughter.  Academically, she was beyond her three years and yet she still needed the freedom to be three.  We started at a small home-based preschool, then moved her to a large well-known Montessori chain and knew within the first month we had made a mistake. Then a friend told us about the Montessori School of South Riding.  I went to observe and knew instantly that our daughter would thrive in Carmen's care. I have had two children graduate and both have gone on to be in the highest reading levels in their new schools.  I now have my third daughter thriving under their care and a fourth that can't wait to start!  It really is special when you find a school that is an extension of your home.  We are a team and the teachers at MSSR work with our family in a partnership to give our children the best academic, social and emotional care. We are forever grateful for their loving guidance and I know that we are truly lucky to have found such a special place! 

Angela Killinger

The Montessori School of South Riding is truly unique. Finding a preschool in this part of Loudoun County was a challenge. I researched many schools and Montessori schools and found that just because a school calls itself "Montessori" doesn't mean it adheres to the true Montessori philosophy.  When I discovered MSSR, I immediately knew this was the perfect environment for my daughter. With a high energy child, I wanted an environment that was engaging and loving.  I sought a teacher and classroom that would enable her to engage in activities that were meaningful and educational but that allowed her to progress at her own pace and rhythm (something so important for a child that is easily frustrated or impatient). Part of the Montessori philosophy is an education of peace that nurtures the child's gradual discoveryof the interrelatedness of all things on earth, in the past, present and in the future.  We are now enrolling our second daughter in the school as she approaches 3 years of age because we trust the AMI teachers and materials. But most importantly, we know our children will get the very best start on their education.  Thank you Carmen!

Lisa Grepps

The Montessori School of South Riding had provided my young daughter with an unsurpassed amount of love and attention and has lessened her separation anxiety ten fold with their warm and welcoming environment.  As a mother to a 13 year old who attended other programs for preschool, I am well aware of what these places have to offer.  My daughter would simply not be comfortable in those environments.  I spent much time dragging my son to the best program I could find, only to have him cry and scream when I left.  It was so heartbreaking that I eventually volunteered where he was placed just to make him a little more comfortable.  MSSR has had a positive impact not only on my daughter but our whole family.

Charlene Monine

As the parents  of a special needs child, we found in MSSR the type of environment where our child is nurtured and embraced for his unique talents and qualities.  Each child is encouraged to explore the Montessori materials, which are beautifully designed and facilitate learning through the use of all the children's five senses.  But most importantly, the director and her wonderful staff are so caring and patient that all the children learn to respect and care for each other, their school, and their larger community.  Our son has thrived at MSSR, both academically and socially.  He has made true friends and developed relationships that have given him confidence and a good sense of being comfortable with himself.  We are truly grateful to Carmen and everyone at MSSR for their devotion to our son Christopher.

Carla Sola