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Our Programs


All day program

3-6 years old


Hours: 8:00 am  - 5:30 pm


The All Day Program provides a family-like environment around our Montessori classroom. The longer hours allow for rich experiences like gardening, cooking, baking. Giving children extra time for challenging work as well as time for rest and relaxation. 


Primary / Kindergarten Class


3 - 6 years old


Half day - 8:30 - 1:00

Extended Day - 8:30 - 3:00 


The mixed age classes provide an ideal environment for children to engage in academic activities as well as learn the critical skills of collaboration, problem solving, and creative thinking. Because they are encouraged to work independently, they build a strong sense of themselves and their enormous capabilities. Each classroom contains a full set of Montessori materials to help children as they work toward their fullest potential. 

Children stay in this classroom three years, until their sixth birthday. Gaining a great love of learning, self-confidence, self-discipline and a wonderful internal motivation.   


The Extended Day Program is open to children who are Kindergarten age and to the younger ones who are no longer in need of a nap. It gives them extra opportunities to work as a group, and extra time to do more advanced work extending their concentration and working cooperatively within a group of peers. 



Lunch ~ Lunch is provided by School House Grill, giving us the opportunity to have a family style lunch. Children learn to set up the tables using placemats, plates, cloth napkins and utensils. Children serve themselves and share a nice conversation as they eat. Once the meal is complete, they all work together to clean the tables and dishes.